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Music Lessons in North Versailles, Pennsylvania

Become proficient in a universal language, with music lessons from Guitar Performance Systems in North Versailles, Pennsylvania. Our music instructors teach a variety of genres, including rock, jazz, blues, funk, and country.
Music Books, Music Lessons in North Versailles, PA
When you want to learn a specific song, we can pull it up on YouTube™ or iTunes™ and teach it to you. We also offer recordings, demos, and services for bands and solo artists.

Private Lessons

Students receive weekly half-hour private lessons that are tailored specifically to their individual needs. We also have the capacity to record your guitar lesson on CD.

Group Performances

In addition, students are given valuable opportunities to play in bands and ensembles. We have two to three performances a year, all at no cost to the students.
By interacting with other musicians in a variety of musical situations, students learn how to perform. This emphasis on performance skills makes our instruction unique.

College Preparation

Guitar Performance Systems has a 100% success rate for preparing students who want to go to college for music. All of our students passed their auditions the first time around and were accepted into the music program.
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